What percentage of cacao are your chocolates?
Our special blend of Belgian & French chocolate is created with 70% cacao. Our milk chocolate is 36% cacao and our white chocolate averages 30% cacao. We also carry bars and chocolates where we use dark chocolate that contains 80% and 85% cacao and special milk chocolates that are 40% and 45% cacao.

How should you store your chocolates?
Chocolates like to be stored in a dry, odor free and dark place between 60-70 degrees. The refrigerator is too cold and moisture will make the chocolates lose their shine. When chocolate goes through too many temperature changes sugar and fat bloom will occur. The best thing to do is eat all your chocolates!

How long do your chocolates last?
Our chocolates are made fresh daily with no preservatives. The ganaches and caramels should be eaten within 2 weeks of purchase. They will not go bad if kept a week longer, but the flavors will not be at their best. Solid chocolate can last for months, but may lose its shine.

Is our chocolate gluten free?
Yes, our chocolate is naturally gluten free. We are a gluten facility, which means that there is gluten present in our kitchen and shop; we do not recommend our chocolates to people with severe gluten allergies. When we work with any products that include gluten, we work separately and clean up thoroughly afterwards, but this does not eliminate trace of gluten.

Is our chocolate tree nut and peanut free?
We use tree nuts and peanuts in our facility so there is always the possibility that our chocolate contains a trace of nuts. When we work with nuts, we work separately and clean up thoroughly afterwards, but this does not eliminate nuts. We do not recommend our chocolates to people with nut allergies.

Are dairy free chocolates available?
Yes, our dark chocolate is naturally dairy free and we do carry a line of dairy free chocolate ganaches and caramels. Custom orders for additional flavors are always available.

Do we ship our chocolates in the U.S. & internationally?
Yes, we ship our chocolate products. There is a small packaging surcharge and the customer pays for shipping charges directly applied from either UPS or the U.S. Postal Office.

Do we deliver our chocolates?
Yes, we deliver our chocolates locally for $12.00 – $15.00. One day’s notice is strongly suggested. For deliveries we require cell phone numbers and someone must be home to receive the delivery.

Where are we located?
We are located approximately 30 miles north of NYC and 5 miles from Greenwich, Ct. Our address is 137 Purchase Street, Rye, New York 10580. We have lots of free parking available in the front of our shop and adjoining side streets.

Do we sell our products wholesale?
Yes, we have a limited number of wholesale accounts. Please contact us by email for further information.