Barks, Barks & more Barks!

Our 20+ flavors of handcrafted barks & toffee are created with a unique blend of Belgian & French chocolate studded with fabulous toppings like toffee chunk, roasted almonds, caramel cookies, oreo cookie & crunchy pretzel.

Our English Toffee is created in small batches, slowly cooked and topped with creamy milk or dark chocolate.

Our newest Party Bark combines thick layers of chocolate wonderfully smothered with toffee chunks, nuts, pretzel & caramel cookies.

These are some of our favorites.  Stop by the shop and see our full selection.

Crispie Pearls Bark

Dark, milk or white chocolate studded with crispie pearls of rice and cookies.

Special Holiday Bark

Have fun with our uniquely designed
Valentine barks. Call or visit the shop
to see our beautiful selection.
Available in all flavors!

Toffee Tulip Bark

Dark or milk chocolate generously topped with chunks of buttery toffee.

Blueberry Pistachio Bark

Dark chocolate studded with moist dried blueberries & fresh roasted pistachio nuts.

Almond Cherry Bark

Milk or dark chocolate, fresh roasted almonds mixed with tangy dried cherries &
a dash of French sea salt.

Party Bark

Have a party with milk or dark chocolate studded with caramel cookie pearls, toffee chunks & pretzels-available in many hand crafted designs.